Klang Support & FAQ

1. Performance issues… WHY?!

Below are the steps you can take to improve performance:

  1. Find your way to dxwebsetup.exe in the install folder of Klang and run it (right click the game -> properties -> local files -> browse local files). Make sure you’re connected to the Internet for this. In the rare case where you downloaded the game and decide to play it offline, the first time setup might not find the necessary files it needs.
  2. Make sure your GPU has an up-to-date driver. If you’re running on a somewhat old setup, you might want to turn off sharpness under visuals in the options. This will turn off dynamic sharpening of certain assets and reduce the amount of performance-killing graphical features like fog and particles.
  3. If your setup has an SSD, I recommend you save the game there. It will definitely speed up the booting up process, and most likely help a bit in game as well.
  4. Run as an administrator. This more likely ensures some caches required for good performance aren’t blocked by Windows. Find your way to NW.exe and right click – > properties -> compatibility. Here you can set the privilege level to administrator.
  5. If you’re running Klang on a laptop, you should have received an “integrated graphics card” warning. If you did not receive this, or if you clicked “I’ll take my chances,” find your way to NW.exe, right-click and manually set the graphics processor to NVIDIA.
  6. If you’re streaming Klang on twitch, Skype or anything of the sorts, keep in mind that Klang is a pretty flashy game. While it’s not as graphically dense as your average AAA title, Klang uses a lot of particles. Stuff like this kills bitrate, causing the encoding software to struggle more to keep up. Streaming Klang at 1080p and 60fps requires a fairly strong setup and Internet connection. Double check your streaming settings and try reducing the maximum bitrate.
  7. I’ve experienced a scenario where Klang ran poorly on my own computer when talking to someone on Skype. Once I turned off the conversation it ran fine again. If this happens, I advise restarting Skype or OBS after Klang had booted up. It’s weird, but that’s PC gaming for ya.
  8. Try turning full screen in options off and back on again.

If none of this works, please let me or Snow Cannon Games know ASAP. Inquiries can be sent to info[at]snowcannongames[dot]com for general questions or directly to me, the developer, at tinimations[at]gmail[dot]com for technical details.

2. The story… WTF?

The story’s purpose from the get go was to back up the gameplay, and set a tone for the experience. The euphoric sensation you might’ve felt while playing certain parts of the game is in many ways Klang’s storytelling through gameplay. On the surface it’s nonsensical, trippy and in many ways, a good metaphor for the game’s development. If you’re very observant, and don’t turn a blind eye to certain subtle details, you might see the game world in a slightly different light.

3. Your control scheme is… interesting. WHY AM I NOT JUMPING WITH A?! WHY CAN’T I BIND KEYS?!

A big thing for me when designing Klang’s control scheme was that performing every action in the game at the same time be practical. Considering both the right stick and the face buttons are controlled with your thumb, you wouldn’t be able to perform both a jump and a parry at the exact same time. It also didn’t make sense to input any other actions than the Klangs on the face buttons. Playtesting proved that some people prefer the face buttons, while others the right stick to perform that action. Having the jump be on a trigger button allows the player to multitask more efficiently.

As for the binding. Well there’s only so many ways the controls can work, at least on gamepad. Lack of key bindings on the keyboard, however, might be something implemented in a patch down the line if the demand is large enough.

4. Why such a big memory requirement? Looks like it could run on a Vita!

I know, I know… It’s a quirk of the engine. Might come as a big shocker, but Klang’s actually an HTML 5 game running in an offline browser powered by Chromium (Google Chrome essentially). The long boot up time you might’ve noticed and the memory use is the result of the “website Klang” having to be downloaded into memory from the HDD. Once the game is up and running, the loading times are very short.

5. Nightcore mode is haaaard man!

Yes. It is. By design. Git gud!

I also recommend using the keyboard controls for this. It requires more precision, but if you’re fast enough, you’ll find it to feel tighter overall.

6. The game’s short!

Quality over quantity… Klang is a game that needs a lot of work for each minute of gameplay to ensure the rhythm aspect of it is solid. As a one-person team with limited capacity, I felt strongly about creating a short, yet memorable experience than one that was longer, but risked repetitive and boring content. For Klang, a shorter experience also provides a stronger incentive to master what’s already there. The first time Klang reeeeeeeally starts to feel good is once you start hitting those S and SSS rankings.

7. The game lags every time I get hit!

No, you turned on reflex mode in options. It’s slow motion baby!

8. My eyes can’t handle your delicious red and green color pallette!

Turn off palettes in options. If your eyes can handle blue and orange, you’ll be fine.

9. Why no more than 1 composer, and only EDM?

For a music game like Klang to work, it’s important the music and visuals fit perfectly together. If the music playing was a sweet guitar solo, Klang would have to move and look very different for it to feel right. Seeing rhythm games using the exact same mechanics across different genres and music styles doesn’t have the same effect. Sticking to one artist also ensures there’s a real artistic vision behind the OST.

10. Things seem to move too fast or slow, also the cones aren’t acting properly.

Playing on a high refresh-rate monitor? I don’t recommend it. It’s playable, but there might be cases where it’ll act funny. A high refresh rate can also trigger the garbage collection more often, which can cause jittering.

You can press ctrl + home to view the debug info. If frame rate is above 60, you need to set your monitor refresh rate to 60hz. At least for now…

The screen is black after the loading finishes!

Try setting your compatibility mode to Windows 7.